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Harlem Shakes's chefs prepare creative and innovative dishes to create the ultimate collection and delivery experience. Harlem Shakes service is fast and the staff are very friendly. Harlem Shakes success looks to continue for years to come.

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426 Wilmslow Road
Manchester, M203BW

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triple cheese burger

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  • fast delivery really nice meal so would recommend my only criticism is the dessert was a bit on the small side for the money it cost


  • It was very fast and was very good food there also very nice.


  • Great food quick delivery


  • only ever ordered for shakes but the food is nice i tried it this time


  • The food tastes great but was luckwarm which let it down.


  • Thanks Bruh


  • The shakes from here are pretty good. Overall, a good experience. The delivery takes a while since I'm in SK8 but it's worth the wait. However, an important note to the restaurant: on one or two occasions they packed the hot/cold foods in the same bag. Bad move, guys! Please don't do that in future. (Customer: I advise mentioning this in the order notes before you order if you're worried.)


  • [RESUBMITTED]The food was average at best, the flake milkshake was nice, though the bubblegum one wasn't the best I've had.


  • Forgot my drink give me an extra milkshake I thought was free then knocked back on10 minutes later for it back


  • orderd my food was missing a item I paid for and never received it been phoning them for three days and all they keep saying we send it out but still not received it they a rip off


  • Arrived 30 minutes late and was cold. Disappointing there was no communication from the restaurant about the lateness of the food.


  • sub was a finger sandwich was still hungry after so had to have a sandwich. kebab was good for hubby but extra portion of chips COLD. wouldn't use again sorry need to listen to customer comments and improve.


  • Kinder Bueno milkshake was really good. The Ferrero Rocher one not so much. The garlic pizza bread with cheese was just covered in soo much grease. Would Not Order this again


  • Over an hour to deliver order, if it had been a friday or weekend could be forgiven but it was mid-week. Pizza, really overcooked and chicken was a tandorri/tikka which wasn't stated on menu. If had know would of ordered a different topping. Forgot the drink to the pizza meal deal, rang restaurant who said they'd call driver. Didn't hear from them again. Wont be ordering again.


  • In line with previous reviews, our delivery arrived cold. We chased them up after they missed the supposed delivery time. It was out for delivery allegedly. When it arrived as earlier it was cold, chips were chilled, the pizza had cooled down to a sufficient extent the cheese had hardened or become stale. The kebab was ok, however you don't get much for the near 6 quid mixed kebab in the meal deal section. Try someone else, there is substance to the reviews people have been leaving, if it wasn't for the fact my usual takeaway was closed I would have avoided ordering from here based on the reviews.